About Insight Editorials


Insight Editorials is a small blog with the aim of giving you greater insight into stories that matter. Editorials cover a wide range of topics, from politics to science, but all of them going deeper into the story. Insight aims to:

  • Explore: whether this is a line of thought that hasn’t been voiced before or joining two dots to draw a new picture, Insight aims always to give you a new perspective and greater understanding.
  • Educate: our wide range of topics means you always have something new to learn about. All information comes from reputable sources so you always know you’re getting down into the truth.
  • Encourage: don’t just read! Insight wants you to dig deeper into the stories that matter to you. If you have an idea for an editorial or want tips on how to investigate your own, don’t hesitate to contact Insight.

Influences & Inspiration

This list details a few of the biggest influences of Insight for you to explore further.


The opinions raised in editorials are designed to make the reader think. All editorials are primarily to explore a topic in this fashion and in accordance with Insight’s ethos. All efforts have been taken to check for copyright infringement. If you feel there has been violation please contact Insight so it can be sorted.